This story is from Michelle and Manuel, whose love story you can read here

How did you meet? I always dreamed of having a white Persian kitten as a little girl. I think lots of little girls do. I was at work and on a whim wanted to make that dream come true. I found one breeder who offered to bring a Persian kitten to our home that night so we could see how our other fuzzy children would react to him.

I got home from work and told my husband, Manuel, that we were having company. When Tom and the kitten arrived, my breath was taken away! This precious kitten was so small and his body was so pink under his beautiful white coat. His eyes were radiant—a magnificent cooper color I have never seen before. I felt like I could see through those eyes. I knew Powder was here to stay!

Do you feel you and your pet have a spiritual connection? The love between Powder, myself and Manuel is separate, personal and strong. Powder has his way of loving us each his own unwavering way. When he is home alone with me during the day, he is my constant companion. I talk to him and he talks back. If not with a little peep or meow, he gives me a knowing look. I always know what he wants or needs to keep him happy. When "daddy" comes home, I think that is the best part of his day! They are absolutely adorable together. The love between Manuel and Powder is so strong not only can I see it, I can feel it!

What special routines do you have? The amazing way Powder and Manuel play together is so fun to be a part of... I am not sure who is having more fun with "the string", but they both are having a blast! When Manuel takes his nap, Powder will climb up on his chest and put his precious little head down and cuddle up right on top of him. It makes me smile and can bring a tear to my eye.

Out of our other adorable pets, Powder is the only one allowed in bed. Powder loves to play "Powderoo" when he comes to bed. He turns on his back and wants one of us to tickle his belly and he will get those back legs moving like a little kangaroo!!! It is so hilarious! That's how he got the "Powderoo" nickname! He makes me laugh so hard that my tummy will hurt!

Powder will let me roll him up and hold him like a little baby. It truly is so sweet. I just rock him and gaze into those amazing cooper eyes. I feel like he can see through my eyes as well. I was not able to have children; maybe he understands that.

How do you feel that you benefit from knowing this animal? I was in an auto accident that left me to deal with a lot of back and pain issues. During the day I am alone, and sometimes will have to relax. I believe that Powder understands that I am in pain and will come up onto the couch with me. He will roll over on his back and cuddle right up next to my body. He touches me with his soft fur and warm little body, I think he tries to make me feel better. It does bring a smile to my face which makes me forget about pain.

Having Powder in our lives is an immense pleasure... Some people may think we are a little crazy, but we would do anything for his health, happiness and well being! He has brought so much love and joy into our lives. He gives back as much as we give.

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  1. Beautiful. This story really touched me in a big way. “I was not able to have children; maybe he understands that.” I am so glad this cat exists as a reflection, so that Michelle can experience her own maternal love. Peace and love to you, Michelle, Emanuel, and Powder.

  2. Such a beautiful incredible story, Michelle. I love you so much, and I know exactly how you feel about Powder. I feel that way with my Moondust and little Rex… Who, by the way, will probably be renamed after learning that my daughter names everything Rex at her dads house. Lol. Love you, girl. I’m so jackpot to see you share.

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