"Amplify Your Sexual Energy" Video Course

Welcome to our “Amplify Your Sexual Energy” video course. In this five-session course, we will guide you through an intimate and personal process to connect more deeply with your own sexual energy, release blocks to experiencing and expressing your sexuality, enjoy greater sexual self-intimacy and self-confidence, and energize your sexual connection with an intimate partner.

To begin the course, simply click on the link for the introductory video. We recommend that you complete the sessions in order, as the concepts build upon one another. Allow yourself at least 30 minutes of private, uninterrupted time to absorb the ideas and concepts we introduce in each video. You will also want to set aside time after completing each video to do the exercises for that session.

Some of the concepts we cover in this course may be challenging for you, especially if you’ve felt held back in this area of your life. If you feel you would benefit from more personal support, please contact us. We’d love to hear from you!


Session 1: Step Into a Sexy State of Mind

Session 2: Fall in Love with the Mirror

Session 3: Indulge Your Sensuality

Session 4: Build Your Sexy Self-Confidence

Session 5: Explore Creative Self-Pleasure