"It was a fabulous course and the balance between Mali/Joe and Lisa was really a perfect combination. Lisa's sharing her own personal experiences was a huge help during this process. There were literally times where I was laughing out loud or feeling like I was looking in a mirror because many of the things I also have experienced were being echoed through her comments. Thanks for allowing us all to be privy to your thoughts, feelings and experiences." ~Suzanne

"Clearly I need this course! Now when I have those feelings creep up on me, instead of sharing my thoughts, I’ll take pause and think about where it’s coming from, and give myself an extra dose of Love thoughts."

"I am very happy to find this course. I think I have ruined just about everyone of my relationships because of jealousy…. I am currently in a relationship with a beautiful woman and feel the jealousy coming over me and I refuse to let it take control."

"I'm so grateful for this course because it's truly raising my level of awareness on how my thoughts create my emotions. Although I still experience jealousy triggers, I am now aware that they are triggers and I realize that I have the opportunity to sit with them and see whatever thoughts arise (and the emotions that ensue) instead of running with any stories I create in my head. I am starting to play with the replacement thoughts, and think that they may be extraordinarily helpful in breaking the patterns I have developed in my thought-emotion cycle."

"I'm finally starting to get that I need to come first and that it's not about being self centered, it's being centered in self!"