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Soulful Reflections from Love Story

These words are a gift from the provocative and prolific Love Story on Facebook.

My soul's purpose is to lead me to people, places and circumstances that will get me to grow and force me to become more. Your soul knows you better than you do; it knows what is important to you. Your soul knows what it will take to get you to act and it leads you to that. Your soul will lead you to painful situations, because it knows it is stoking your desires. As you continue to run into the same problems over and over again, your soul will continue to bring you more and more pain until you do something about it. It doesn't care how long it takes; it knows it has forever and it never gets frustrated because it knows you eventually will respond.

Our soul seeks out and intentionally leads us to problems, because it knows we need their gifts.

The place where I have felt the most in touch with my soul is not a physical place, but a non-physical state of grace. It is a soul connection. It can be likened to an awakened meditative state where everything feels so right. In this state you understand that everything IS right. Worry and fear become impossible to even understand in this place.

Let me give you an example of this intelligent form of energy. Do you remember what it was like when you were learning how to ride a bike? With intense concentration you would move the handlebars from left to right very quickly in an attempt to keep yourself from falling. Now to describe what happens three weeks later: you get on and ride with no concentration and not even a thought of where, or of how to move the handlebars. At this point YOU are no longer riding the bike. Through repetition, you trained this energy how to ride and now it rides for you.

In this state, the soul takes over the mind and directs your body without consciousness.

The way to get to this place, or more accurately, this state of grace, is to "allow" the flow of divine energy through you by relaxing from the inside. I started out in an almost traditional form of meditation with my eyes closed and my wrists facing the ceiling but while laying down. Now I strive to live every waking moment this way. You do everything better when you let your soul take over.

No need to ever concentrate on your breathing or to try to breathe differently in your meditation; just allow the divine energy you just let in to breath you.